Railroad Injuries: Burn And Explosion Injuries

Railroading is a dangerous job, and while it may be safer today than when the railroad tracks were built to connect our country’s coasts, the number of serious accidents and injuries is still high.  Unfortunately, railroaders deal with explosions and burn injuries, often due to the railroad’s negligence, providing an unsafe work environment. All railroading crafts are exposed to burn injuries and explosions.  In our practice representing railroad workers for many years, we have seen explosions and burn injuries, including death, during the following:

  • Crossing collisions with vehicles or trucks carrying explosive liquids
  • Trains derailing and catching fire
  • Electrocution from working too close to power lines
  • Electrical injuries
  • Acid and chemical burns from leaking tank cars or cleaning locomotives
  • Engine fires
  • Faulty equipment

These types of incidents can lead to severe burn injuries requiring extensive and painful treatment with laser surgeries, skin grafts, removal of the dead skin, and possible amputation of the burned limb.  Our firm has handled these types of railroad accidents and injuries and understands from working with burn victims, their doctors, and their families the physical, emotional, and psychological impact of these injuries.


One of Carisa Oden’s earliest experiences with railroaders came helping a family through the tragedy of losing a husband and a father when a railroader’s train collided with a gasoline truck.  This experience and helping this railroader’s family prompted Carisa Oden to focus her law practice on representing and protecting railroaders.  The ultimate goal is for each and every railroader to make it home safe every day.


At Poolson | Oden, we understand how much has been taken away and how much you and your family are going through dealing with a life-altering injury or death of a family member due to a burn injury or explosion.  We want to help you assemble the best team of medical experts to hold the railroad or others responsible for these devastating injuries.


Please give us a call or send us a live chat message on our website to schedule a meeting with one of our FELA railroad trial attorneys.  Our consultations and case reviews are absolutely FREE, with no obligation to you or your family.

Danny Poolson and his team exceeded my expectations. They made every step of my case not only easy but extremely informative and caring through the entire process. Danny's drive to get me the proper medical help and handle all the outside "noise" was second to none! Their professionalism and a responsiveness are what made the process so seamless. Thank you Poolson Oden!


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